Changing your List Price

National process –


At the highest level, price changes occur in three phases:


  • Phase one – Reviewing and getting your product data right. Ensure all product information is up to date to avoid delays in processing.


  • Phase twoCreate your SPA in the exchange and send to your Category teams and to FOBL
    • It's really important to understand that just completing the form online will not update any pricing. The downloaded form must be sent to the relevant category manager and the price team at FOBL for the price changes to be actioned.


For more details consult the context sensitive help in the eXchange or call us on 0800 555 985 during business hours.

FSNI List Price Change

With the significant volume of list price changes coming through, we’ve updated our price change process to make it more efficient so we can work together to deliver the best prices to our customers.

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