Supplier Engagement

Here at Foodstuffs, we value the relationship we have with you, our supplier. We have provided a quick summary below about our business, our processes, and how you can make the most of your relationship with us to create a mutually beneficial business partnership.

Each Foodstuffs Company operates a Merchandise department, which has responsibility for managing the relationship with our suppliers for all the products we buy and sell. Our purchasing model is mixed, which means that some products are purchased via our wholesale distribution centres (DC purchasing), while other products are ordered and supplied direct to store (Direct/Charge Through). In general, all purchasing, whether DC or Direct, is billed to the relevant Foodstuffs co-operative, and we then charge through to our members for their direct purchasing. 

When you trade with Foodstuffs, it is a good idea to keep in mind the following information to help you get the most out of your relationship with us: 

  1. Business cycle: As with many large organisations, we try to maintain a business cycle that allows us to operate proactively to reduce reactive, time-critical tasks that create stress for everyone. We recommend sending invoices to us within seven days of delivery, and all your invoices and your statement need to be in our hands by the fifth working day of each month to ensure on time payment.
  2. Key dates: Make sure you to give us at least six-weeks’ notice of most changes to your business, including adding and deleting products, price changes, and if your business is changing ownership. This includes distribution changes, for example if you are selling part of your range to another supplier. We operate a product and price change moratorium from the end of November through until late January to assist us all through the busy Christmas-New Year period. Keeping these key dates in mind when planning your business strategy will allow us to give you the best support possible through these changes.
  3. Contact information: Knowing who to call when you get stuck can be a life-saver! Within the Foodstuffs eXchange you will find contact information for all the Foodstuffs people you may be working with, including our key contacts at each store. You can also maintain your own information, so we can get in touch with you easily. If you’re a current supplier and don’t already have a login to eXchange, just contact one of our support team to set one up.

Your key contacts for Merchandise in each region are:

Foodstuffs North Island Ltd

Foodstuffs South Island Ltd

David Stewart

GM Merchandise

Damian Lynch

GM Merchandise and Wholesale

Brendon Nash

Customer Driven Lead

Laura Goudie

Merchandise Operations Manager

Supreet Dhakar

Merchandise Operations Manager

Patrick O'Leary

Master Data Operations Manager

Anuja Gosavi

Article Master Data Manager

Jeremy Dickinson

Wholesale Procurement & Systems Manager

Alex Allan

Supplier Support Manager

Stewart Andrews

Team Leader, National Services


Product Ranging

Our Category teams are mainly responsible for new product ranging. They should be your first point of call if you have a new product idea or want to present a product for ranging. These teams operate within each Foodstuffs Region Merchandise Operations team and make the decisions about how and where to include products for sale in that region.