Product Safety and Compliance

At Foodstuffs, we are committed to ensuring that all the products we sell are safe. Our members have robust processes to ensure they act in accordance with the legislation and regulations that control food and product safety. 

It’s important that everyone supplying products to our stores, complies with regulations from MPI, ANZFSA, and other relevant legislation. We provide a Compliance Pack for you to fill out, which helps you understand the requirements that relate to your products. Completing the Compliance Pack also shows us that you are aware of the product safety requirements and agree to meet them.

We ask for a list of the products you intend to supply so we can check your safety certification matches the products. Our Food Safety team needs to know if you expand your range, as this may require a new Food Safety certificate.

Everyone needs to complete the following pages in our Compliance Pack (download it from the related documents):

  • Section 4-6 - these relate to the products you intend to supply, the type of packaging and labelling, and that you will be seeking approval for those products prior to selling them.
  • Section 9-15 - these relate to our policies for receiving product, Product Recalls via GS1 ProductRecallNZ and the cost recovery policy for recalls.

The following pages need to be completed depending on the type of product you supply:

  • Suppliers of Food and Beverage products must complete section 3 and attach a copy of the relevant safety certificate.
  • Fresh produce suppliers must also complete section 8 of the Food/Beverage Supplier Compliance Pack.
  • Suppliers of non-food (or food not intended for human consumption) must also complete section 3. 
  • Suppliers who make compostable, bio based, renewable material, or similar claims must complete section 7.

For more information regarding Product Recall, please contact GS1 (link in side menu)

For more information regarding Regulatory requirements, please contact:

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South Island: