Unit pricing regulations

On 31 August 2024, new regulations requiring the display of unit pricing for regulated grocery products will come into effect.

These new regulations, which are designed to make price comparisons easier for customers, will impact how we display prices to customers instore and in advertising as part of the new Consumer Information Standards. The regulations extend to on-line in August 2025.

You can find out more about the changes at: ComCom.govt.nz and at Consumer Information Standards.

The regulations stipulate that:

The unit price of regulated products must be worked out using the unit of measurement set out in the tables below:


To ensure a smooth transition, we are asking for your support to review and update some of your product data.

Action Required: 

  • Please  check and update the net content details for each product using the correct unit of measure in the tables above by 5 July.
    Note: We will run exception reports to ensure all data has been updated to mitigate non-compliance.
  • Check that the product description aligns with the changed net contents. 


Please note: when you publish a net content change it will create a product data error. You can ignore this error. The Foodstuffs national product team will then review and approve the change. 


You can update the net content fields using your usual method for supplying product information to us either via:

  • The Product Description page for each affected product on the Foodstuffs eXchange Products portal. We have attached a handy ‘how to’ guide for you.
  • Or alternatively once you have completed the required changes, please publish the required product data via your usual method to GS1 (see example in the attached guide). For help please call the GS1 help desk on 0800 10 23 56. 


Over time, product data requirements have changed. Please also update any other required information while you are doing your review.


This is an important part of our commitment to ensuring customers have certainty and transparency on price, thanks for your assistance in delivering on this.  

If you have any questions regarding updating Net Content information, please call the NatPIM  team 0800 555 985 or alternatively email them on natpim@foodstuffs-si.co.nz