Foodstuffs eXchange Updates

We have been working hard updating the Foodstuffs eXchange to improve our collaboration with suppliers and make your daily business transactions more effective and efficient.

Below you’ll find details of all the changes we are working on to make the eXchange your one-stop place for business with Foodstuffs.

Milestone 4 –implemented from November 2020

  • Automatic product validation feedback (Deployed Tuesday 10th November)- Feedback is instantly available in the Foodstuffs eXchange and via the GS1 CIC message to the National Product Catalogue.
    • You need to review this feedback to check there are no issues.
    • If you have any errors you need to resolve these before we can enrich your product.
    • See the related documents on this page for our user guide.
  • Claims and Credits (CNR’s) – reviewing and actioning Claims and Credits has become a whole lot easier.
    • No more going back and forth with stores/support centre requesting new/previous copies of CNR’s.
      • You’ll now be able to access and review previous and current CNR’s
      • You’ll be able to accept and/or reject each line as relevant (FSNI)
      • You can also generate the credit note online
  • PEPPOL e-invoicing via the new B2B invoice document schema
    • Now built into Xero
  • FOBL SPA  – requesting a List Price change will be faster than ever.
    • Trying to find and accurately list all the details of all your articles going through a price change was such a long tedious task.
      • Now, you can seamlessly import your articles (and required data) from GS1/Products – eliminating opportunities for mistakes
      • If articles are in Price Families – they will be displayed as such. This means you can update all articles in a PF at one time
      • You’ll be entering the updated price for a CAS(shipper) – your unit price will be automatically configured based on your CAS price and units per CAS.
      • For more information about FOBL SPA requirements, click here.

 Milestone 5 – implemented February 2021

  • Goods Receipt (FSSI)
    • Small release with support for Goods Receipt document for Vendor Stock Holding.

Milestone 6 – implemented April 

  • Statements and Payments
    • Introducing a new functionality to view and manage statements and payments in the eXchange.
  • Crossdocking Features (FSSI)
    • Introducing a new functionality to improve handling and support for Cross Docking in the eXchange. Initially just for FSSI, this will be used by FSNI when they implement their Cross Docking solution.

Milestone 7 - implemented June

  • Images feature in Products
    • This feature displays your current images held by us for online shopping, and allows you to upload new images in a variety of formats.
  • New messages (MSG) schema
    • Supporting reason codes for reject messages and new message status options.

Milestone 8 – implementing July/August

  • Vendor Contacts (FSNI)
    • Introducing a new functionality to view your contacts as held by Foodstuffs North Island SAP in the eXchange.
  • Invoices from Foodstuffs/Stores
    • Invoices from Foodstuffs including promotional invoices, sundry invoices, aisle end charges, etc.
  • Food Safety Dashboard
    • Direct feed from GS1 to automatically update GS1 Product Recall status.



Claims and Credits training document 

Click here to view the latest on our new eXchange Credit and Claims functionality!


FOBL Supplier Price Adjustment training document

Click here to see our interactive training document for the new FOBL SPA feature


We’re working hard to create the BEST training documents/videos for YOU.

We’ll upload links here as they are created.


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