FSSI Category Strategies & Category Reviews

A key workstream of our Category & Promotion Team is the application of our Customer Insights. Utilizing our Shopper data we are able to build a deeper understanding of what our customers want from our stores and ensure our plans are truly focused on their needs.

In 2023 we set about building a Category Strategy for each category across the store. Taking a customer-centric approach for each category in each banner to provide a clear direction and expectation of where we will focus. Our goal is to have a strategy in place for each category by November 2024. You can review our quarterly plans to achieve this target here.

Your Category Manager will share a copy of the Strategy with you once completed so we can work together to achieve the category goals.

Category Reviews are a broader piece of work, where we review the category end to end. Building on from the Category Strategy, taking a strategic view to ensure we are making the best commercial decisions to meet the needs of our customers. You can view our 2024 schedule of Category Reviews here.

If you are a current supplier in one of these listed categories our team will invite you to join this process.