Trading with us via eCommerce (EDI)

At Foodstuffs, we are proud to have led the grocery industry in Australasia with the development of the Foodstuffs eXchange in 2002. Today, eCommerce is a core part of our business process.

As a supplier to Foodstuffs you need to have a computer and web browser to receive and process our purchase orders, as almost all stock purchasing runs through our eCommerce platform; the Foodstuffs eXchange. 

The Foodstuffs eXchange process has five simple steps:

  1. Foodstuffs generates a Purchase Order and sends it to the eXchange.
  2. You receive an email notifying you that a new Purchase Order has been sent to the eXchange.
  3. You view the Purchase Order and then in turn Acknowledge the Purchase Order.
  4. You confirm the delivery details of the Purchase Order, which creates an Advance Shipping Note (ASN) back to Foodstuffs.
  5. You invoice Foodstuffs.

This business process can be fully or partially integrated with your back-office systems, providing you with additional benefits including:

  • Reduction in errors across all documents
  • Lower cost of doing business
  • Speeds up the business process
  • Transactions are received faster
  • Reduced keying of data

Our collaborative B2B eCommerce system is available to all suppliers, and highly recommended if you receive more than 20 orders per week from Foodstuffs nationwide. There are some associated setup costs, and these vary depending on what back office systems you have installed.

We are very excited to offer our solution that has been rebuilt in 2019 on an innovative new platform that offers the following features and benefits:

  • Integrated Web transactions, B2B tracking, product and supplier relationship information – your one stop shop for doing business with Foodstuffs.
  • Support for multiple transports, including HTTPS, FTP, AS2 or email.
    • You can choose how to send and receive your integrated transactions, and Foodstuffs will help you to set this up and test before go-live.
  • Translates messages between Foodstuffs and a supplier covering more than 20 file formats and versions.
    • Foodstuffs XML formats are the preferred standard
  • Product and store codes are translated to your preferred codes.
  • B2B communications update the eXchange website in real time. You can use the website as a fall-back option should you encounter issues with your IT systems.
  • All eCommerce transactions are available to view and track via the eXchange website Document Tracking function. 
  • Automated notification of file errors so you can correct and resend, avoiding payment delays.
  • New Smart Search features make finding your transactions even easier.

You can download our Web User Manual for a full explanation of the eXchange website features and business process.

Contact the eCommerce support teams today to enquire about integrating your business software to the eXchange for increased business efficiency and savings.