Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with Foodstuffs

As your business grows, you will probably think about how to operate more efficiently. We can help with that, via automating your Purchase Order pickup and Invoicing processes for even better efficiency and cost saving. At Foodstuffs we've recognised the benefits of automation and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) since the early 2000's. 

You'll be familiar with the new Foodstuffs eXchange website. Underpinning the website is a fully functional EDI portal that can handle multiple file formats and connectivity methods.

We're here to support you if you want to setup or change an EDI connection. Please arrange a kick-off meeting with the appropriate Supplier Support team(s) so that we can assign development help and testing resources appropriately. We can't do your development for you, but we can certainly assist your developers with any questions they might have as they work and help them with unit testing.  

Foodstuffs North Island: supplierhelp@foodstuffs.co.nz

Foodstuffs South Island: suppliers@foodstuffs-si.co.nz


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The PO-MSG-ASN cycle

A great place to start with EDI is to automate purchase order pickup and processing. The obvious benefit here is to remove the tedious and error prone process of manually keying sales orders from Food…

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