Product Ranging

Product Ranging is the process we use to determine which products should appear on our supermarket shelves. As we have a limited amount of space available, most ranging decisions aim to answer the question, "Why should this product replace an existing product we have for sale?"

Ranging decisions are made both at our support centres and in our stores. Our core range for each is recommended by the Category  team in each region. They are responsible for reviewing the product ranges and ensuring that we are stocking products that our customers want. Local stores can also make ranging decisions which may reflect their local producers, the niche that they wish to occupy, and customer requests.

Suppliers often ask where they should present their products for ranging: to Foodstuffs, or to their local store(s). Both options are available, but there are different benefits to consider when you make this decision. We’ve outlined some of these benefits in the table below to help you make a decision that is best suited to what you would like to achieve with your product.

Instore only:

Hosted by Foodstuffs:

Get to understand the grocery industry

More distribution (via DC if applicable)

Build local relationships

Stores support Ranging Decisions as applicable to them

Launch local/new to market product

More promotional opportunities

Test product/price versus the category

Consistent retail pricing across all stores

Build market and gather insights

We make shelf space available (planograms)

In each Foodstuffs region, the Category team are your point of contact for the presentation of new products for all grocery, liquor, general merchandise, frozen and chilled categories, across the New World, PAK'nSAVE and Four Square groups. It’s also important to remember that ranging decisions are made within each region, and acceptance by one Foodstuffs Company does not imply acceptance by the other company. 


Foodstuffs North Island:

Click here to see more information on the relevant category manager for your products. 

Foodstuffs South Island:

To find out more about how the FSSI category team operates, including contact information, category assignments, and timelines for presenting products, click here.