FSNI List Price Change

With the significant volume of list price changes coming through, we’ve updated our price change process to make it more efficient so we can work together to deliver the best prices to our customers.

We understand that price changes are required from time to time, so we’ll work with you to understand the detail and make this efficient, transparent and fair.

 What’s involved

The infographic below shows the steps involved in submitting a price change. The aim is to capture key information as early as possible, so we ask that you begin the process at least 12 weeks before your proposed go-live date. 



The first step is to provide your rationale for the price change in the new List Price Changes Form [view.officeapps.live.com] by providing all the details. Once you’ve done this, please send it to your Category Manager at Foodies. Please include as much data and relevant information as you can, you do not need to enter any forms into the Exchange at this point. Our team will have a look through the detail and we’ll let you know if we require any additional information.

Please submit an email to FSNI.ListPriceChange@foodstuffs.co.nz + price@foodstuffs.co.nz, include one Category Manager per email, and attach all 4 required documents to each email. 


If your products have already been through a category review, you’ll also need to complete an updated Cost Price Template (CPT) to agree with your Category Manager. Once the new list price is agreed with your Category Manager, you can go into the Exchange to create your Supplier Price Adjustment (SPA), found under the Products menu option.


We’ll need six weeks from this point to set up your new list price in the system. If you need access to log into the Exchange, please email supplierhelp@foodstuffs.co.nz (have your vendor number handy) or call the support team on 0800 555 985.


In summary

  • Please allow at least 12 weeks from the date of your initial submission for any price changes to be ready to go live in the system.
  • If your product has been through a category review, you’ll need to fill out a CPT. This will need to be signed off with your appropriate Category Manager before the changes are put through the Exchange. 
  • The Exchange process will continue to be six weeks and will start after all changes have been agreed. The new six-week window before going into the Exchange is so we have time to work through the details and check the forms are accurate before going into the Exchange.
  • If you need help, please contact your Category Manager at Foodies.
  • All Private Label changes need to go through the relevant Own Brands Procurement [foodstuffs-exchange.co.nz] Support Manager.
  • All price adjustments start on a Monday.