Welcome to eXchange 2.0

Project Tardis has landed in New Zealand, 2019.  Welcome to the new Foodstuffs eXchange 2.0

In this message we will endeavour to act as the translation circuit for Tardis – while it’s been referred to as the gift of the Tardis, a telepathic field that gets inside your brain…. Here at Foodstuffs we think of it as the portal which enables our suppliers to transact with us and manage your relationships with both Foodstuffs North and South Islands.

The project, affectionately called Tardis, because it’s bigger on the inside, combines the existing SRM, Data eXpress and the old eXchange into one portal. It allows suppliers to carry out all transactions with Foodstuffs companies in a single, user-friendly process. While the eXchange name remains the same, suppliers will experience a totally new application… no telepathy required! 

The new eXchange manages everything from purchasing, invoicing and delivery forecast notifications, through to advance shipment notices and supplier communication. “It’s all about making it easier for our suppliers to work with us and streamlining their experience,” says project lead Ana Connor.

All suppliers have been migrated to the new eXchange and can access the site via the Login button at the top right of this page.

What's new?

The dashboard gives you a view of your current transaction status and the value and volume of your business with Foodstuffs.

The purchase order process has been streamlined to make it easier to process your delivery information. 

If you use the website to generate invoices from your confirmed orders, we have made this easier too.  All confirmed orders will create a draft invoice ready for you to edit and send.  Use the dashboard to make sure you have sent us all your invoices, and avoid payment delays.

Products now includes the old Data eXpress functions combined with product code translation, so you only need to input the information once.

All the functions of SRM are now included in the Contacts area, where you can find Foodstuffs staff and maintain your key employees.

Check out our What's New video for a summary of the new screens.