Genetically Modified Foods

We operate by strict guidelines when it comes to any genetically modified foods offered for sale in Foodstuffs member stores, and all products must comply with Food Standard 1.5.2 of the Food Standards Code.


  • No food containing a GM product is stocked unless it has been pre-approved by Food Standards Australia New Zealand for sale in New Zealand and Australian markets;
  • All packaged foods sold from member stores must comply with labelling requirements indicating the presence of a GM food or ingredient.


In relation to our private label products*, we are committed to the use of ingredients sourced from non GE crops, and non GE feed ingredients for animal products. To ensure this, we seek confirmation from our suppliers that all ingredients used in the supply of private label products are sourced from non GE derived crops, and that non GE feed ingredients are used for animal products.

Where our suppliers are unable to give such assurances we find alternative sources of supply where practical.

* This range comprises the following brands: Pam's, Pam's Finest, Value, Classic Cola and Spree.