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Update Feb 2022 | NPD cycles

The way we will be reviewing our range, space, pricing & promotions will change this year, and we will be introducing a wider variety of formal reviews & optimisations. We are incredibly excited about this!  More on this to come.


One thing we have been working on is our NPD cycles schedule. After a full review we have defined the schedule using the below principles:

  • NPD remains a key part of our FSSI category strategy.
  • NPD cycles will fall into monthly slots. Your Category Manager will define the actual dates via separate communications including a link to our booking system over the next week.
  • Overall, our cadence is more reflective of our customer data, and makes space for the reviews mentioned above. E.g. If our customers are telling us that innovation & NPD in a certain category is not as important, they will have fewer cycles.
  • From your feedback, we have attempted to align our calendar as much as possible to FSNI. This should assist you to present and launch your NPD more in line with the market.
  • NPD cycles are not a category review – they are an opportunity for you to tell us about, and for us to consider your NPD. However, there may be deletions or flag changes to make way for new NPD as required.
  • While we want to meet to discuss NPD, we encourage collaborative meetings/workshops discussing all topics relevant to driving ongoing partnership and performance outside of NPD cycles. Please discuss with your Category Manager.
  • In the past, we have defined “meeting windows”. Now we invite you to collaborate with the relevant Category Manager to meet the cycle deadline.
  • In line with moratorium, there will be no NPD cycle windows over November & December.


How does it work?

It’s so easy, it can be explained in four simple steps

  1. Open the Ranging cycles document
  2. Find the cycle your product and category fall in to.
  3. Find your launch date window above.
  4. Contact your Category Manager before this date to discuss your NPD