Changing your Trading Terms

Here at Foodstuffs, we have a single approach to the management, negotiation and confirmation of National Trade Terms. This activity is centrally co-ordinated through Foodstuffs Own Brands Ltd on behalf of the wider Foodstuffs' Group.

Our Trade Terms process is focused on equity and transparency in the trading relationship. Your Terms of Trade should encourage Foodstuffs to operate in the most effective and efficient manner, to create a mutually beneficial ongoing trading relationship. The process begins with you providing the standard Foodstuffs Confirmation of Supply Terms document which seeks full disclosure of both fixed Terms of Trade and variable Promotional Trade Spend. The document also requests some key assurances for the future.

Once the document is completed, depending on whether it is a branded Retail or General Merchandise product, it should be sent to either the Foodstuffs Own Brands Ltd (FOBL) Commercial Manager or National General Merchandise Manager who will work with you to finalise the Terms of Trade.


This process covers supply partners who operate nationally with Foodstuffs, or those regional supply partners intending to operate nationally with Foodstuffs. All Foodstuffs banners (Retail & Wholesale) are covered by this process for branded Retail & General Merchandise product ranges.


The following are excluded from this process with Foodstuffs Own Brands Ltd (FOBL), and should be directed to the relevant parties as outlined below:

  • Fresh Foods - liaise directly with your regional Category Manager
  • Private Label Products, including Contract Manufacturing & Tender business, contact the relevant FOBL Private Label stakeholder