Changing your List Price

From time to time, you may need to change the list price of products you already sell to us. Our price adjustment process is partially automated, so we need you to carefully complete and email a Foodstuffs Supplier List Price Adjustment submission form with key supporting documents (General Trade Price List & Letter of Justification) to

The team will assess your prices changes and justification, then we will let you know whether we accept the price change, or wish to negotiate with you. 

The list price adjustment template is accessed via the eXchange Products feature. If you need access to login to the eXchange please contact your eXchange administrator or call the support team on 0800 555 985 for assistance.

Before you submit your list price change proposal, it is important that you have discussed and agreed the proposed change with the relevant Foodstuffs North Island and Foodstuffs South Island stakeholders (usually your Category Manager in each region).

Just remember, this process only applies to changing the list price of existing products (not new product introductions/barcode changes/packaging configuration changes).

Key points to note:

  • The template is to be used for all list price changes.
  • All price adjustments must commence on a Monday, and there is a six week notification period (42 days).
  • The new automated Supplier Price Adjustment form is now available in the Products area of the eXchange. This will help you to create a complete and accurate template with many mandatory fields prepopulated based on your current product information.
  • The new template process creates a locked Excel spreadsheet, ready for you to send to Foodstuffs for processing. Click here for more information about this new feature.
  • For documents that have been submitted and not completed correctly, the template will need to be corrected and re-submitted with a possible further 6-weeks notification required.
  • If you need help in completing this form, you can contact either the Foodstuffs National Data Team on 0800 555 985 or the FOBL Pricing Administrator (Esther Rua) on 09 621 0963.
  • For all private label price changes, please contact the relevant FOBL Procurement Support Manager.


The following products are included in this list price change process:

  • All products that you have previously submitted to Foodstuffs National PIM via GS1/ProductFlow or Foodstuffs eXchange Products Portal.
  • All products that are sold to Foodstuffs and our banner stores.

Note: All local/ regional priced products are excluded for the FOBL Price Adjustment Process. You should advise the local buyers directly of your price adjustments for these products.

About the SPA (Supplier Price Adjustment) Template:

Please note the following information about the template fields:

  • Vendor GLN/NZBN is used by us instead of regional SAP Vendor numbers to ensure a consistent national approach to supplier identification. This information is autopopulated based on your eXchange login profile.
  • If you are not sure of your NZBN, or the details on your form are incorrect, contact the National Master Data Centre (0800 555 985) to verify the correct details before submitting your form.
  • FS Article Number (FAN) is not a mandatory field. We use the retail barcode (Base Unit GTIN) to identify the products.
  • If the FAN is populated, it’s important this is accurate as incorrect values in this field will not process (this includes mismatches between FAN and Base Unit GTIN).
  • The logic uses the GLN/NZBN, the Base Unit GTIN and the Case Quantity to determine the correct relationship between the product and price changing. These fields are therefore mandatory on all price change submissions.
  • Vendors of "non-standard" price changes (Tobacco, Newsprint, etc.) can add extra columns to the end of the sheet. Contact the National Data Team or FOBL for further information if this applies to you.
  • If you need more information on any of the above, just refer to the support notes in the second tab of the template.