Category Optimisations and Reviews

The following relates to Foodstuffs South Island.

We're happy to share with you the calendar of shelf-price and range optimisations, and category reviews that the Foodstuffs South Island Category and Promotions (C&P) Team is doing this year. Please find it linked on the pane to the right.

These calendars mark a significant shift in the way the team is working this year as we move towards a more predictable cadence of work that is informed by the customer insights data we now have access to through the Actionable Customer Insights Programme.

At this stage, these optimisation calendars do not affect the NPD calendar previously shared but we are looking at how we better align our range optimisations, category reviews and NPD reviews in the future.

We will also begin reviewing the 2023 calendar later in 2022 and will be seeking input from some suppliers on this as well.

These calendars have been shared with each of the respective banner groups (PAK’nSAVE, New World and Four Square) but please note we have not made all calendars available across all banners (i.e., no cross-sharing).

We have no doubt you will have some questions as you read the calendars, so please take the time to go through some of the FAQ’s located here on the Supplier Exchange. If you do have additional questions that are not answered in the FAQs, please reach out to


Frequently asked questions:



What are the different types of optimisations?

We are currently working on Shelf-Price Optimisations and Range Optimisations on a category-by-category basis per banner.


Shelf-Price Optimisations are a review of shelf pricing to ensure we are competitive on products that drive price perception.

Range Optimisations are a review of range & planograms based on the needs of our customers, and the ability for products to be substituted for another.


In the future we will be looking at how we use our customer insights data to support optimising the promotions we run.

How often will we be re-reviewing our range and shelf-prices?

This will depend on whether it is a range or shelf-price optimisation, and what the financial and customer data tells us.


There is a lot of data that we look at which provides us guidance on what to optimise for each banner.


For example, for categories where innovation is important, we may choose to complete a range optimisation more frequently than other categories where this is less important.

If we see potential for a category to grow in sales and profit, we may choose to price optimise this category in favour of a different category where growth potential is lower.

How does this affect promotions?

At this stage, promotions will continue to be run as they currently are through the Category Managers.


There are plans later this year to better understand our promotional data and how we might optimise promotions to be more effective for our customers. 

How does this affect New Product Development and Launches?

At this stage, there is no change to NPD- this will be managed as it currently is via the Trading Managers and current process.

In the future, we will be aiming to align Category Reviews and Range Optimisations with NPD.

How do I get involved in optimisations?

At this stage, we’re still working through a formal engagement framework so we ask for your patience in this. We will continue to work with some suppliers in the interim while we finalise the framework.