New eXchange features coming soon

You’ll remember that we developed and deployed a brand-new Foodstuffs eXchange last year, after using the old one for 18 years!

Part of the rationale for making the change was that it allows us to develop a lot more functionality than was previously possible. We have already quietly implemented a few changes with several more to come.

Here’s what we’ve deployed so far:

  • We tweaked the Products page for ease of use and to include extra data to support customer demand and online shopping
  • Created a new set of schemas between the Foodstuffs companies and the eXchange.

That last deployment lays the foundation for us to be able to deliver some exciting new functionality rolling out soon, including:

  • Electronic return purchase orders and credit claims
  • Automating the list price adjustment form
  • Implementing the PEPPOL e-invoice standard for small to medium business EDI

We’ve had lots of requests for electronic RPOs and claims, so we’re really pleased to be able to provide them very soon. It’s looking good in development so far and will integrate really nicely with the existing order and invoicing systems.

Price adjustments are going to get a lot simpler – no more guesswork! All you’ll need to do is choose a product and the exchange will pull back anything in the same price family for you. Just update the pricing and send the prepopulated form back!

PEPPOL is the new standard for electronic invoicing backed by MBIE. Several of the popular web-based accounting packages either already provide it or are building the interface for it.

We’ll soon be publishing an official roadmap of upcoming changes, but put simply, doing business with Foodstuffs is about to become much easier!