FSNI Retail Store Deal Upload Template and FAQs

We have a new FSNI Store Deal Template for you to use and want to ensure you feel fully equipped to use it. Download the new template here.

Training for suppliers

You can access the educational video here. You can join one of our drop-in sessions on Skype for Business where we'll run a live demo and allow time for questions (Tuesday 5th and 12th June 2018 at 1:00pm). To register for a session click here. You can contact us at Ask.Merch@foodstuffs.co.nz with questions or review the FAQs here.

The template

The attached template has been created by FSNI to be compatible with SAP. You may have seen it from other stores that have been trialling the process and this version has a slightly higher level of validation on key columns to help with completing this. There is an Example deal sheet and Overview of document tabs on how to complete the deal sheet within the template.


This will be the standard document for all Retail Supermarkets (PAK'nSAVE North Island, New World North Island) by 20th December 2018. Stores are also being supported during the transition to the deal sheet, which will continue through to 20th December.

Who created the template?

The template has come from our FSNI Article & Pricing Working Group (representatives from our stores) and FGC Working Group who collaborated on this standardised FSNI store deal template for SAP stores. We're running Skype drop in sessions to support suppliers with the transition. Please circulate this with those relevant in your business.

Download the new template here.