Data is the magic ingredient

An increasing customer desire for food inspiration, cooking at home,
wanting to know more about the provenance of our food - and what
it contains; is at the heart of Foodstuffs’ drive to encourage all their
suppliers to proactively supply nutritional and ingredients information
about their products.

“More and more customers are basing their buying decisions on
what’s in the product, or increasingly what’s been deliberately left out,
so we’re anticipating making nutritional and ingredients information
searchable on-line will be the next big customer need and ultimately
expectation. It makes sense for us to get ahead of that need and deliver
on this together,” says Ana Connor, Master Data Operations Manager at Foodstuffs South Island.

Ana features on page 18 of the latest issue of FMCG Business discussing the importance of suppliers providing nutritional and ingredients data and images of their products.
You can find the full article on page 18 in the online FMCG Magazine September edition here: