Coupon Code of Practice

For the purpose of this Code, the term "Foodstuffs" refers to the wider Foodstuffs organisation including all Foodstuffs companies and all their respective member stores. Foodstuffs view the use and practice of discount coupons as a practical and effective method of stimulating sales of its grocery products, for the benefit of both marketer and its retail members.

The Code applies only to coupons issued by, or on the authority of a marketer. It excludes those issued by Foodstuffs as part of our internal promotional programme.

Although we provide this Code, we do not encourage their use, given the move to  electronic processing and increasing customer convenience at the point of purchase. In this context, manual coupons are not as relevant in today's trading environment.

Foodstuffs are opposed to the practice of on-pack coupons and have the right to refuse delivery of coupon branded stock.

In-pack coupons will be acceptable as long as transactions are between the marketer and consumer, do not involve Foodstuffs and are open dated. In this instance, references should be made on the outside of the pack to a "coupon inside".

No third party coupons will be accepted, i.e. coupons initiated by a party other than a  brand owner and Foodstuffs, without prior agreement.

This Code records the basic responsibilities for the marketer and Foodstuffs as the retailer. Observance of the principles set out below will ensure that both parties can use coupons with equal confidence and understanding of each party's requirements.

Please refer to the attached pdf for more information about the Responsibilities of the Marketer.