2020/21 Christmas Moratorium

Dear trading partner,


As we head into the peak trading season, we ask for your support with our proposed annual List Price/New Product Moratorium.


When planning your list price changes and product launches between now and next year, we require that you schedule these to occur outside the moratorium periods.  As usual, we confirm the price moratorium does not apply to the normal mutually agreed promotional pricing.


This year there is no Government legislated tobacco excise change, so the proposed moratorium period will apply to all our trading partners.


List Price Adjustments: Monday 23rd November 2020 until Sunday 31st January 2021

The latest date to confirm any pricing adjustments for 2020 is Friday 2nd October 2020, allowing 6 weeks lead time for implementation (last effective date for list price changes is Monday 16th November 2020).

The first effective date following the moratorium is Monday 1st February 2021.

New Product Introductions: Monday 30th November 2020 until Sunday 10th January 2021

We request that you present/discuss any new products in line with current business requirements to minimise any issues during this busy period.

If any new products are launched to the market during the proposed moratorium period, we request you approach the individual Foodstuffs businesses for special review and consideration.

The first effective date following the moratorium is Monday 11th January 2021.


As always, we thank you for your partnership support, trust you and your teams remain safe and wish you great trading over the peak Christmas trading period!