GS1 New Zealand

Data integrity with GS1net

Foodstuffs and the New Zealand Food & Grocery Council Inc (FGC) fully support this industry initiative.

What is GS1net & why is it good for you?

GS1 New Zealand is the local affiliate of GS1 - a truly global, not-for-profit organisation specialising in the development and maintenance of business standards such as the bar code and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technologies.

These standards, as well as other products and services offered by GS1 New Zealand, help to improve efficiency, data accuracy and visibility within the supply chain.

GS1 New Zealand

GS1net is a local data pool and complies with the Global Standards laid out for data integrity. The objective of GS1net is to achieve quality product data synchronisation in a timely manner between the Foodstuffs Companies and you, our supplier, with the goal of improving and maintaining data accuracy in the supply chain by Foodstuffs receiving your published data electronically.

We hope that you recognise the many benefits that accurate data can bring including significant reductions in Purchase Order and Invoice errors. The GS1net system allows a much more streamlined product maintenance process (including removal of the UBF) once you are GS1net Live. Each of these contributes to lowering the cost of doing business for all parties.

We've prepared a GS1net Supplier Guideline document for your information. The purpose of this document is to assist you to understand what Foodstuffs expects from suppliers when you initiate a GS1net project and we've identified a number of success factors to speed you along the way.

GS1 NZ Head Office
Level 4
158 The Terrace
PO Box 11-110
Wellington 6011
T +64 4 494 1050
F +64 4 494 1051

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