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Data integrity with GS1 Product Flow

Foodstuffs and the New Zealand Food & Grocery Council Inc (FGC) fully support this industry initiative.

Article Data with GS1 Product Flow

GS1 Product Flow is a service that verifies your product is ready for launch. It includes barcode verification (will it scan), product data verification, and optional image capture. All product data is verified by comparing the physical product to the GS1 National Product Catalogue.

National Product Catalogue (NPC) is a data synchronisation network managed by GS1 - a non-profit organisation that provides a common language and global standards designed to improve supply chain management.

GS1 Product Flow

With over 350 GS1 NPC Live and GS1 ProductFlow activated suppliers, we share the benefits of synchronised product data, reducing costs and inefficiencies from the supply chain.

Completed GS1 NPC and ProductFlow submissions are received into the National PIM database, and once requested by our stores or category teams, can be enriched and made available to the regional Foodstuffs companies, ready for article creation in the Local systems.

You can find out more about ProductFlow and sign up here:

GS1 New Zealand

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