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Benefits to your business

The Foodstuffs eXchange provides you with real world benefits when doing business with any of the Foodstuffs companies. Below you can find out some of the many benefits that the Exchange can bring your business.

Real world benefits to your business

We hear what you are saying. This all sounds great but how does it benefit my business? Why should I invest in this?, and don't worry you are not alone in these thoughts. The Foodstuffs eXchange provides your business with obvious and clear benefits that you can see right from the start.

There are a number of benefits and these can be discussed in more detail with your local implementer. But a brief indication is given here.

Paper vs Electronic

By switching over to Electronic transactions, we both eliminate the need for paper, thus saving the business costs associated with printing and posting, and being environmentally friendly as well.

Minimisation of Transaction Costs

The eXchange minimises transaction costs for both Foodstuffs and its suppliers by reducing the number of errors.

Solution Encompasses Entry Level to Full Integration.

The eXchange web site provides smaller suppliers a low cost or no cost entry level e-Commerce solution. Full B2B options are provided in parallel and can be migrated to as a process of evolution.

Automated Business Processes

The eXchange solution allows large suppliers to use B2B connectivity, automating their business processes and achieving significant savings.

Scalable and Extendable Solution

The eXchange can be extended to accommodate other system interfaces.

Overall moving to an electronic format means a more efficient way of doing business that is less prone to data errors. Below is a quick example of possible cost savings.

Can you afford not to make the switch from paper to electronic?

Cost Benefit example
Suppliers currently keys an INV and sends on paper to Foodstuffs
Average error resolution time is 15 mins if there is a problem with an INV
Supplier staff member hourly rate $25.00 NZD
Average keyed INV per hour(Batch) 30 mins
Sending Paper INV
Average time to print and post 2 mins
Total time spent on number of INV batch of 30 60 mins
Total time spent on number of INV batch of 30 50 NZD
  per INV per Batch
Printing cost(1xA4 sheet) $0.029 $0.870
Staff cost to envelope stuff (per A4) $0.833 $25.00
Postage $0.500 $15.00
Total per INV $1.362 $40.87
Total cost (staff & INV)for stated batch of INV $90.87  
Sending Electronic INV
Average time to attach and send files 2 mins
Staff cost to Email or FTP batch of INV(Average 2mins to attach all INV files) $0.833  
Total cost (staff & INV)for stated batch of INV $25.83  

For more information please contact your local eCommerce implementer to gain the real world benefits to your business that the Foodstuffs eXchange can provide.

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