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B2B eXchange eCommerce

The Business to Business (B2B) method of interfacing with the Foodstuffs eXchange is outlined in more detail below. This is the preferred connection method by most suppliers as it is automated.

Direct integration with your systems

The term Business to Business (B2B) refers to documents that are sent to or from the Exchange via one of the available transmission methods(contact your local implementer), rather than received or generated on the Exchange Website. A supplier may elect to use full or partial B2B.

Foodstuffs eXchange eCommerce

Full B2B: All documents are either received or generated by the Supplier's back office system.

Partial B2B: Some documents are received or generated on the Exchange Website and some documents are uploaded, downloaded or sent and received using B2B methods.

The Foodstuffs order process indicated below can be completely automated. B2B eCommerce enables you to link your back office systems directly with Foodstuffs via the Foodstuffs eXchange. This avoids possible human error down the supply chain and speeds up the process considerably.

Foodstuffs eXchange process

  1. Foodstuffs generate a Purchase Order and sends it to the eXchange.
  2. You receive an email notifying you that a new Purchase Order has been sent to the eXchange.
  3. You view the Purchase Order and then in turn Receive and Acknowledge the Purchase Order.
  4. You confirm the delivery details of the Purchase Order.
  5. You invoice Foodstuffs.

Choosing to use the preferred B2B integrated method does present more complication that the web setup but provides you with many additional benefits such as:

  • Reduction in errors across all documents
  • Lower cost of doing business
  • Speeds up the business process
  • Transactions are received faster
  • Reduced keying of data

There are some setup costs associated and these vary depending on what systems you operate your business with.

To find out more about setting up the B2B eCommerce with Foodstuffs please contact your local implementer.

Known B2B Integrators

Since the eXchange was launched in 2003, the Foodstuffs eCommerce teams have worked with a number of different software vendors who assist suppliers to integrate to the eXchange. Some of these vendors are listed below, together with their contact details.

Please note that Foodstuffs does not endorse any particular vendor or software applications. Our recommendation is to contact these organisations to determine if their products and services may be of value to your business.

Anthony Ham
Integral Limited
P: 06 874 9791
Steve Marriott
Very Impressive Software
P: 04 473 6519
Andrew Glasson
Flow Software
P: 09 476 3569
Tim Shaw
Infusion Software
P: 03 343 3124
Abhishek Sharma
EDIStech Ltd
P: 09 271 0316
Robert Hale
Logistics Software
P: 09 415 4460
Kevin Carberry
Accredo Business Software
P: 09 373 5963
Mike James
DataWise Limited
MYOB Approved Developer
P: 027 474 5918
Donna Ruwhiu
PriceWaterhouseCoopers Dunedin
P: 03 470 3614
Neogen Business Centre
P: 09 272 4042
Neal Irwin
AFI Systems Ltd Christchurch
P: 03 379 1246

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