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Data eXpress updates from 13th November

There will be a scheduled outage to the Data eXpress application from 6pm NZDT on Monday 12th November, while we apply changes to Data eXpress.

From Tuesday morning you will notice some changes to the Data eXpress screens. Please log in for more details.

New Store at Henrys Wakatipu

Our newly built store at Henrys Wakatipu is ready to begin receiving stock from Monday 12th November 2018.

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Foodstuffs Annual Price and Product Moratorium

Foodstuffs Group will again be requesting a moratorium on new Products and Price Changes during the busy Christmas period.

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You can now get an email receipt notification when you send product information to us via either Data eXpress or GS1 ProductFlow.

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Foodstuffs eXchange Updated Terms and Conditions

We have recently updated the terms and conditions governing use of the eXchange Website and B2B system. Continuing to use the site is an acceptance of these updated terms and conditions. You can download these here.

REMINDER: Foodstuffs National Product Information Management (PIM) System Go-live on Monday 1st August 2016

As you will be aware, Foodstuffs North Island (FSNI) and Foodstuffs South Island (FSSI) have been working over the past year to deliver our National Product Information Management (PIM) System as part of our One Data Project.

The National PIM replaces regional requirements and standardises how product data is submitted, verified and validated. This system will be managed and administered by a single Foodstuffs National Master Data team and it will improve how we collect and share product information nationally.

Both Foodstuffs companies will have access to consistent product information from the National PIM, for us to enrich and list regionally, as well as purchase and sell your products in our stores.

We would like to remind all our supplier partners that the National PIM system is going live on Monday 1 August 2016.

From Monday 1 August 2016 you will be able to submit information on new products and product updates directly to the National PIM via GS1's ProductFlow and Foodstuffs Data eXpress (DEX).

  • Please ensure that any new product is set up in the National PIM before you present it to FSNI or FSSI, including products you sell direct to store.
  • We recommend that you submit and present your new product information at least 6 weeks before your intended sell date.

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Advance Shipping Notes are Business Critical

To enable our Inwards Goods and Supply Chain to operate at maximum efficiency, the CONFIRMATION of Purchase Orders on the eXchange is Business Critical. Ensure that when your goods are picked for dispatch, you update the Send Quantity on the Purchase Order screen and then click the Confirm Delivery button. B2B integrated suppliers can also do this by sending an Advanced Shipping Note / ASN. All orders should be confirmed prior to the goods being delivered.

We ask all Suppliers to ensure that their processes are robust to ensure this is occurring at present. We also ask you to review that cover is available for staff absence and holidays, especially over the busy summer season.

Deliveries not Confirmed prior to delivery cause your stock not to reach our picking areas in a timely fashion. This can result in your goods missing delivery to Stores and lost sales to all parties, and for direct store deliveries it will slow down the inwards good process.

If you cannot manage this request please contact the eCommerce Implementer in your area for further advice.

Supplier Relationship Management

Great relationships are built on good communication. To achieve good communication we believe the first start is for all parties to be able to easily access reliable contact information.

The reality is we all develop and try to manage our own databases. Whilst disciplines drive the success of our internal contact databases it's an ongoing challenge to eliminate duplication and integrity issues with managing those ever changing external details.

Foodstuffs would like to share with you our latest initiative, a single national Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) contacts database.

You can find out more about SRM and how to register here.

Revised Foodstuffs eCommerce Policy

Foodstuffs has completed a periodic review of our National eCommerce Policy. The revised document is now available for download from the link below. Please ensure that you read and understand this policy, as it may have implications for your relationship with our business.

Any questions about this policy should be directed to Ana Connor, whose contact details can be found on our Contacts page.

GST Rate changed to 15% on 1 October

The GST Rate has now changed to 15%. The IRD requires you to invoice us with the correct GST Rate according to the "Time of Supply". For goods supplied to Foodstuffs, the Time of Supply is generally the "Invoice Date".

Suppliers providing electronic invoices via the Foodstuffs eXchange (FSX) must determine the applicable GST rate by referring to the date of each tax invoice.

  • Invoices dated 30th September and prior must contain GST at the rate of 12.5%
  • Invoices dated 1st October or later must contain GST at the rate of 15.0%
  • Credit notes relating to invoices that were issued at the 12.5% rate must contain GST at 12.5%
  • Credit notes relating to invoices that were issued at the 15.0% rate must contain GST at 15.0%

The FSX validation of GST on B2B Invoices includes a check that the Invoice_Date field and the GST_Rate field contain the correct information according to the above rules. Transactions that fail this validation are rejected at the FSX and are emailed back to the sender.

The FSX website is enforcing the new GST rate according to the Invoice Date when you generate your Web Invoices. The Invoice Date at the FSX website is always the date on which the invoice is first generated or created from a blank form. All web invoices generated from October 1st onwards must use the GST Rate of 15%.

Please read the GST Info document for further information about how the Foodstuffs eXchange will enforce these rules for Web and B2B transactions. Please ensure you read and understand this information. If you have any questions, please direct them to us - our contact information is on the Contacts page of this website.

GS1net & Foodstuffs

Foodstuffs is committed to the benefits that result from consistently aligned product data through GS1net. There are now more than 80 GS1net Live suppliers with both Foodstuffs entities consuming their data. We are working together to move suppliers from GS1net Ready to GS1net Live quickly and with greater co-ordination via our revised national GS1net Ready - Live process. For more details on GS1net, check the GS1net section on this website.

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The Foodstuffs eXchange is the place to go for your electronic transactions with Foodstuffs. Transactions accepted by the eXchange include Purchase Orders, Advance Shipping Notes (ASNs) and Invoices. We also receive GS1net product data via the eXchange. Are you using the eXchange for all these transaction types? If not, please contact a member of the Implementation team to discuss how you can use the eXchange more effectively.

Remember, if you have any suggestions for our site, please get in touch.

Foodstuffs eCommerce Team

Foodstuffs eXchange National Policy

In 2007 Foodstuffs undertook a major review of its internal processes and one of the outcomes was the generation of a new National policy in regards to the Foodstuffs eCommerce platform.

This document last modified: March 2012

The policy is available for download and we would advise that you read it as it may have implications for your business. The policy outlines Foodstuffs goal that it wants to move away from paper based transactions and interact with its suppliers electronically for PO, ASN, INV and GS1net data.